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Can you give a dog or cat a good and life-long home? We have puppies, kittens, adults, males, females, of all sizes and colours. All sterilised and fully vaccinated for free. Contact us at: strayassist@vsnl.net

Before and Afters

These are just a few examples of cases which we come across. All these cases led to these dogs being abandoned but except for the dog attack wounds, all these cases were easy to treat and saved these dogs lives.

Very sad cases

Unfortunately in this case of work we also come across very, very sad cases in which there is little we can do any more.

Dogs are not the only ones ending up in wildlife snares, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7-D1kBIBIc

Mange; rarely hopeless

One of the things we see most often is stray dogs with mange, often severe. Many people believe that it is contagious to humans or their dogs but this is not always the case. There are two types of mange and the non-contagious form is the one that infects most stray dogs in India.

To treat mange is simple and cheap but as it gets rarely done and, as a consequence, many stray dogs die, mostly of secondary infections. 

This dog was found in a pathetic state but it took only 3 hours of treatment, over a period of six weeks to reveal this gorgeous dog.

This scrawny tiny creature, suffered from sarcoptic mange which is the contagious form. After just one 20 minute treatment and a few weeks good food she turned into a happy and healthy little dog.

As you can see mange is worth treating :-).

Do not tell me the reasons why you can not help strays...

If he can, everybody can...
...if they want to.